Keith Koep
ARM CONNECTED Windows Freescale Marvell
i-PAN7 - Intelligent Touch Panels
7" Display, Low Cost version
for Trizeps IV, VI und VII
7" Display, Low Cost Extended version
for Trizeps IV, VI und VII
i-PAN7 LC, HMI Device i-PAN7 LCE, HMI Device
7" Display, CAN version
for Trizeps IV, VI und VII
7" Display, with GSM Modem and GPS Receiver
for Trizeps IV, VI und VII
i-PAN7 CAN, HMI Device i-PAN7 MC, HMI Device

Intelligent Touch Panels with Trizeps Module Technology

Keith & Koep introduces an intelligent 7 inch Touchpanel in a flat design. The i-PAN7 Touchscreen PC is based on Keith & Koep`s Trizeps modules and comes with different connectivity options combined with a high resolution TFT with touch. The unit is packaged in a small frame and runs with Windows CE and Embedded Compact 7 OS (i-PAN7 LC-E runs also with Linux / Android OS). The i-PAN7 panel is designed for a quick and simple integration in other units or equipments such as an industrial PC. That makes it easy and fast for the customers of Keith & Koep to develop their own specific device. The i-PAN7 Touchpanel PC uses the Trizeps Module Technology, to make it simple to select the right processor performance. It could be equipped with Trizeps IV-M, Trizeps IV-WL, Trizeps VI or Trizeps VII (Solo and DualLite).