Foundation of Keith & Koep GmbH


Keith & Koep begins deploying Windows operating systems on ARM platforms


Keith & Koep supplies electronics for the world's first webpad - the SimPad from Siemens. 9 years before the iPad

The portable computer with touch display was developed on the basis of the novel power-saving StrongARM processor and ran with the Windows CE operating system. Siemens mediated the first cooperation between Keith & Koep and Microsoft in this project. In cooperation with Microsoft, Keith & Koep thus carried out the first Windows CE 2.11 port on a new class of devices. This project laid the foundation for the close collaboration between Keith & Koep and Microsoft that continues to this day.

From this idea, Keith & Koep developed the Trizeps I CPU module, the world's first ARM SOM (System On Module). The Trizeps I module was the first widely available CPU module using ARM technology and was the successor to Keith & Koep's first ARM evaluation board, "Arnold", which was a single board computer. The Trizeps I became a whole product line, which later became crucial for the company development.

The product name "Trizeps" is a reference to the name "StrongARM". In medicine, triceps is the abbreviated name for the strongest, three-body arm muscle, which is located on the back of the upper arm. The name of the "Arnold" evaluation board is also a reference to "StrongARM", or more precisely, to an actor who is known to have strong arms.


Invention of the first ARM based System on Module

Due to Keith & Koep's close ties to the industrial environment, the desire arose to be able to use the experience and results achieved with ARM technology in the harsh industrial environment. The idea arose to make this complex platform modularly accessible and also to keep it available for applications in smaller quantities in the long term. After extensive research, Keith & Koep decided on a SODIMM form factor. This step was made possible by the appearance of the SA1110 processor, the more compact variant of the StrongARM SA1100 processor.


First Internet telephones of the Olivetti company run with the help of Keith & Koep


The ultra-small Myon SOM is used in mobile handhelds for retail and logistics applications


Keith & Koep's small and low-power SOM solutions enable mobile telemedicine devices to monitor vital signs


Keith & Koep becomes part of the Garz & Fricke Group