One-take drone video through the Garz & Fricke production

Garz & Fricke

Experience a unique tour of Garz & Fricke's state-of-the-art production facility in Hamburg-Harburg from a bird's eye view thanks to drone technology! What's also special about this video is that it was shot in one take, which means without any cuts at all.

We moved into our new production and administration building at the end of 2019. Here in the south of Hamburg, we produce HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) respectively panel PCs, automation controls & payment systems. We concentrate the electronics production of our SBCs (Single Board Computers) and the device assembly at one location here. We use the latest SMD assembly equipment, THT manufacturing technology, modern test robots and a clear material flow structure through the device assembly. Our R&D is also located at the site, so that development & production can work hand in hand.

Already in our current case study about the FUJI SMD pick and place machine you could read a lot about our modern production. Now we also offer you the opportunity to visually experience our production site in Hamburg. As soon as the corona conditions allow it, we are again looking forward to giving you a personal tour of our production.

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Steven Kluge, Head of Marketing

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