The long-term availability of electronic components is a particularly important criterion for products used in the professional sector. Keith & Koep ensures this through several measures and thus contributes to the long-term success of your series production.

  • Selection of individual components concerning long production cycles: As far as possible, only components that are produced over a long period are used. This applies in particular to the processors used. We only offer those types that we can source for at least 10 years.
  • Replacement of obsolete components: If, however, a part has to be replaced after it has been phased out, we will integrate it in such a way that the customer's hardware and software remain unchanged as far as possible.
  • Upgrade possibility of the Keith & Koep CPU modules: Due to the pin compatibility within the Trizeps or Myon CPU module series, it is possible to upgrade to a current module. In this way, for example, a customer who has been using a Trizeps IV can switch to a Trizeps VIII Mini with little effort and thus use his hardware unchanged until at least 2034.

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