Keith & Koep products can be found in all major industries. The advantages of our Modular SOM approach enable a perfectly customized implementation of even the most difficult and wide-ranging technological requirements. Due to our experience, long availability and our unmatched pin compatibility, we usually accompany our customers over many device generations.

Laboratory and medical technology are some of the most demanding device classes. The requirements are high - strictest quality standards, safety and long-term availability. Manufacturers go through strict approval processes.

Keith & Koep is your reliable partner. Already today, the Trizeps SOM series in particular can be found, for example, in MRI scanners, telemedical devices with vital signs monitoring, and devices for bioresonance therapy. So rely on the experience of the SOM inventor.

Our SOM approach combined with unmatched pin compatibility of subsequent SOM products within a product line allows you to easily upgrade to current processor technologies at any time.

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Keith & Koep's solutions score particularly well in areas that have particularly harsh environments or small form factors. Frequent challenges are also special requirements such as low power consumption, especially for mobile devices. With our two product families Trizeps and Myon, we address precisely these demands.

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Industry 4.0 is on everybody's minds. Machine parks and plants are increasingly being intelligently controlled and networked. A wide variety of bus systems and TCP-based technologies are being used. Our SOM approach allows you to design and implement the interfaces you need for your plant.

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