We specialize in embedded computer systems and are one of the leading suppliers in the areas of electronics development, system integration and the manufacture of complex electronic products.

We focus on ARM-based System On Modules (SOM) and the corresponding baseboards or carrier boards.

We were the first manufacturer to introduce this technological approach to the market back in 2001, and the idea has developed into an international industry standard to this day.

Many advantages for your project

  • Reduced development effort
  • Fast "Time to Market"
  • Perfectly suited interfaces and components
  • Extremely flexible form factors
  • Latest processor technology & yet long product lifecycles
  • Lower product development and overall costs

What is the SOM approach?

The SOM technology realizes the idea of providing recurring core elements on a CPU module in an embedded system and thus reducing the complexity of the hardware design on the customer's side.

The SOM (or Computer on Module (COM)) bundles the most necessary components such as CPU, RAM and Flash, but also interfaces such as Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®. A high-density circuit board is used on a relatively small board instead of implementing everything on a large, expensive circuit board. The corresponding SOM also comes with the necessary operating system, the Board Support Package - a kind of driver database - and also common software development kits (SDKs). This allows software developers to implement suitable applications relatively quickly.

Advantages in development and production

In addition to the ready-to-use SOM, only a baseboard needs to be developed for project realization. This adds to the missing project-related interfaces and connections. The corresponding SOM is then plugged onto the baseboard.

Instead of a complete hardware design with a complex development of the CPU part, only the interface connections have to be developed.

In this context, the use of a pre-developed baseboard is also an option. However, this is often only useful for evaluation purposes and very small quantities. For larger projects, an individualized solution is recommended, which you can implement yourself or which you can assign to us.

Keith & Koep offers you more than just hardware - we are your competent and comprehensive service provider for the implementation of your project.


Comprehensive implementation of your specific system integration & development.


Execution of operating system integrations on ARM systems.