Operating system integration on ARM systems

The optimal solution is a perfect interaction of hardware and software. We, therefore, spend a lot of time and energy in adapting the BSP (Board Support Package) to the respective Trizeps SODIMM as well as Myon components. A major focus is the integration of the Windows IoT embedded operating system.

Already with Windows CE and Compact 7 or 2013, we were able to establish a very early foothold in the huge market for small computers, PDAs, cell phones or set-top boxes. As the Microsoft partner with the most experience and the most successfully realized projects throughout Europe, we are well prepared for further Windows IoT Core and Enterprise projects. The new Trizeps and Myon CPU modules are already available today with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core. Keith & Koep is one of the few companies worldwide offering Windows 10 IoT Core support.

  • Fast & efficient project execution
  • Budget-relevant time and know-how advantage
  • Direct access to the Windows source code

Our BSPs

  • allow individual integration of customer-specific drivers
  • deliver suitable Software-Development-Kits (SDK) for the development of customer applications

In addition to Microsoft Embedded operating systems, Keith & Koep offers solutions with Linux or Android. These operating systems have also been extensively adapted to our hardware and can be used for professional applications. Furthermore, there is a development set for both operating systems, which provides a virtual machine with Ubuntu LTS and includes a specific BSP. With this set, an OS image for Trizeps and Myon CPU modules can be generated in an uncomplicated way.