Trizeps product family

With the Trizeps product range, Keith & Koep has brought the world's first ARM-based SOM (System On Module) to the market. With the Trizeps, the idea of providing recurring core elements in a CPU module with a SODIMM form factor was implemented for the first time. The advantages of this system: development times can be significantly shortened and thus realized more cost-effectively. In addition, upgrades to more current computer technologies are comparatively easy. This idea developed into an international industry standard.

The latest models of the Trizeps series are equipped with the NXP i.MX 8M, 8M Nano, 8M Mini and 8M Plus processors, respectively, which are based on ARM Cortex A53 quad-core. With these new CPUs, Trizeps VIII modules and derivatives such as Nano, Mini and Plus meet the high-performance requirements imposed by current video, voice and audio processing, whether for industrial and home automation, streaming audio applications or advanced imaging devices.

  • High computing power with relatively small dimensions
  • ARM-based processors from NXP
  • Long availability
  • SODIMM 200 connectors
  • High pin compatibility with each other
  • Available with Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core

The first CPU module generation with the Trizeps I and Trizeps II had the SODIMM 144 standard, which was subsequently replaced by the SODIMM 200 standard as a result of the need for more and more interfaces. The Keith & Koep SODIMM 200 standard is the longest established SODIMM standard for SOMs in the world and is adopted by various companies. In doing so, we assure you the longest-lasting pin compatibility among the Trizeps modules in comparison to the market. This allows us to easily switch between existing Trizeps SOMs and new developments. So stay future-proof with Trizeps, even without high new development efforts.

The processors we use are specifically selected with a view to long availability. As a rule, we guarantee the availability of at least 10 years from product launch. EOL products will be replaced by pin-compatible successors as far as reasonable. More information about our concept and an overview of the current runtime of our products can be found on the topic page Long Term Availability.

Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core are available as operating systems for the latest Trizeps SOMs.